I'm happy you're here

Here's a bit about me

Hi, my name is Michael, and I love seeing people help people. I actually want to help you, if you don't mind. 

I graduated from art school and decided to move to New York City to begin living my dream of being a full-time photographer. Photography became my passion the moment I realized how well it has connected people who come from different backgrounds. Empathy and relatability skyrocket once a person has a real, visual aid of a different person's perspective! Simply having images of someone's lifestyle helps the world understand that, at our core, we're all experiencing the same journey toward joy, no matter who we are or where we're from. What I'm getting at is: community is at the foundation of the human condition, and photography helps create that sense of community more than just about anything else in the world.

So, You know how you like to use your phone to take pictures of your friends and your family, because you care about them. You want a good way to remember them. Well, I want to help you take that to the next level. 

I want to use my experience as a professional photographer to improve those photos that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.



“If anyone is looking for a good lifestyle photographer in NYC or ATL, we had an excellent experience with Mister Mundane Photography. He was a consummate professional with soft directions for the best shot and social distancing. If you're looking for some photos, check out this black owned and operated business in the area.”

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Why Do I Go By The Name "MisterMundane"

A lot of people wonder why I chose such a quirky username: mistermundane -

Well, It's because MVP Photography is a name that's taken multiple times over

It's also because I think it's a decent representation of me as a person

A lot of people associate "Mundane" with negativity and dullness, but I see it as something different

I see "Mundane" as a way to describe life as it is and why we should enjoy it as such

Of course, there are countless of issues worldwide going on in this mess of the year known as 2020

But there's also so many natural things to love in life that appear Every Day

the fresh smell of morning dew, the sound of birds greeting the world, the sights of a golden sunset, the feeling of relaxing under a tree's canopy on a sunny day

There are small little beauties all around that go unnoticed so easily

The moment I relax and "smell the roses" is the exact moment I'm reminded of how memorable the mundane could be